Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Cody Party Rentals & Balloon Design


The following is a guide to help you ensure a successful rental experience. Please take a moment to review the instructions and policies as it provides important information and tips to assist with your event success.


Rentals are subject to the availability of equipment and manpower. When Cody Party accepts your deposit, we commit these resources to your event. Like a “theatre ticket”, your seat is booked for a specific date and Cody Party does not have the ability to “re-sell” your ticket without the time to do so.

Orders require a 50%, NON-REFUNDABLE, down payment at the time of booking on all non-account orders. A “valid” credit card number ,which is authorized, is held for security until the items are returned in full. The amount of the security deposit will be determined based on value of order. Proof of I.D. in the form of a driver’s license is also required upon pick-up.

Orders cancelled with less than 72 hours notice prior to the delivery or customer pick-up date are subject to a 100% cancellation charge. 100% cancellation charge applies for any orders which have been staged (which means that the truck has been loaded or the order has been prepared), or cancelled on delivery at the customer’s site regardless of equipment delivered. Some exceptions apply. Refunds are not issued for rental items returned unused.

Once deposit has been placed – ONLY 25% of each line item may be reduced. These items have been reserved for you and are not available to rent to other customers.

It is your responsibility to check your invoice prior to delivery to make sure that any human error in order entry is corrected. We will pack and deliver the items listed on your invoice. Cody Party is not responsible for items assumed to be rented which are not on the order.


Cody Party will make its best effort to deliver at requested delivery times, however delivery schedules are not guaranteed in the event of traffic, weather, workload and other circumstances beyond the control of the driver. We recommend that deliveries be scheduled one week before the event to reduce the risk that the time of delivery would affect the success of your event.

Count all items with the driver and sign the delivery invoice when you are sure everything has been delivered. We cannot accept quantity disputes after the event. If you do not arrange to have someone on site at the time of delivery, our driver will leave your rental items at a predetermined location. In this case, you agree to accept the order as complete and all delivered equipment in good working order, unless we receive a phone call or time dated email/fax prior to the event.

Client assumes all risk of damage or injury during installation of rental items. This includes to damage to hardwood, tile, stone flooring, patios, tennis courts, driveways, walkways and underground utilities.

Deliveries are made to an area readily accessible to our trucks. Extras charges may apply for difficult access, long carries, stair or elevator deliveries, repeated delivery or pick-up attempts.


Equipment remains the responsibility of the customer from the time of delivery/customer pick-up to the time of its return. Items are to be used for their intended purposes with normal wear and protected from damage due to neglect, abuse or misuse.

  • STORAGE: Store all equipment in an area protected from theft, vandalism or weather.

  • LINENS: Shake linen free of debris, food, confetti, etc. and place in the tub it was received in. Do not place linen in trash bags that could be mistaken for garbage and if the linen is wet or damp lay it out to dry, do not place it into the tub as this will cause mold to grow in a matter of hours and destroy the linen.

  • GLASSWARE: Empty glasses of all liquids and return in their original racks/boxes.

  • FLATWARE: Rinse flatware and pack in their shipping container. Oils and acids can cause damage to flatware. Drain the water and place flatware in the original shipping container.

  • DISHES: Wipe or rinse clear of all food and stack in the shipping container.

  • POP-UPS: All pop-up rentals must be received with a completed, up-to-date, inspection form attached.

  • FUN MACHINES: All fun machine rentals must be received with a completed, up-to-date, inspection form attached.

Items not meeting these conditions are subject to additional fees. Please refer to equipment handling and cleaning information reference sheets.


Our 8% Damage Waiver Insurance is automatically added to all rental contracts, is mandatory and non-refundable.

The Damage Waiver covers damages that occur during a rental period and for an amount of up to $500. All damaged product must be returned for inspection. Any item not returned with a value under $20.00 is to be considered damaged without any further followup with the customer.

The Damage Waiver does
not cover: any lost, stolen or missing items; mildew, staining, cigarette burns, candle wax or candle burns or neglect caused to linen; fun machines; pop-up tents.

All damaged must be noted on the rental return and the damaged equipment must be billed out as sold. Damaged items will be
discarded after 48 hours.


All rental items must be ready for pick-up at scheduled times and placed into their original storage containers. If you do not have someone on-site at the time of pick-up, you agree to accept Cody Party counts at the time of pick-up.

It is common to have missing equipment at an event due to the number of people handling the equipment, including your guests, caterer, site personnel, cleaning crews and other people working the event. Often, equipment is unattended overnight. For your own satisfaction, it is best for you to count-in the equipment with our driver at pick-up so that you can verify any missing equipment at that time.

If missing items are found after our scheduled pick-up, you are responsible for returning those items to our warehouse in a timely manner to avoid additional rental charges. We can return to your location and pick up the the missing items for an additional charge.


All equipment is tested prior leaving our warehouse and will be delivered/received with an Completed Inspection Form. That said, in transit, certain items may shift and cause operational difficulty. Before a replacement item is sent, troubleshooting is required. Any claims MUST be reported BEFORE THE EVENT DATE.

Commercial equipment draws a significant amount of electricity and certain items need a dedicated 15A line. Failure of electrical equipment is often due to inadequate power supply or sharing circuits that cause the power breaker to trip.

Shield any equipment operating with propane from wind as wind can affect the operation of the pilot and burners.

Extension cords are not recommended for coffee urns and concession equipment.

Replacement of inoperable equipment during working hours is free of charge. However, if asked to make a site visit and we find the equipment to be operating, service charges may apply.

Please contact Cody Party for any additional questions, concerns.

We appreciate your time and attention in these matters and look forward to providing you with superior quality merchandise and service for your special event.

Thank You so much for Your Business :)

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