B.B.Q Equipment Tips

Q. How long will my propane cylinder last?

A. Good question, the formula used to calculate this accounts for only two thirds of the tank. Not to say that MCB's won't work after the first two thirds of the tank are used up but that tank outlet pressure begins to drop slowly at two thirds empty. Using this formula, with a twenty pound cylinder (full) and using the average maximum input (amount of gas used) for MCB's. We came up with an average cylinder life of 3 to 3 1/2 hours.


Basic Grilling Tips & Techniques

Just a few tips to make your grilling a little easier.
Remember, what works for someone else might not work for you.
This collection is neither complete nor guaranteed.

  1. Rule of thumb: For smoking foods, cook low and slow - at a low temperature for a long period of time, and always keep covered. Avoid the temptation to peek often. For grilling thinner pieces of meat, cook at high temperature and fast; grill one side, then flip and cook the other side, directly over the heat. If the pieces are thick, remove them to an area of the grill where they get indirect heat (not directly over a burner or coals), so as to allow the inside to cook completely; partially cover to retain the heat. Most seasoned professional chef's rely on indirect cooking for the perfect piece of meat.
  2. Apply sugar-based sauces at the end of cooking to keep from burning the meat. Most traditional barbecue sauces contain sugar, corn syrup or tomato sauce, all of which burn quickly. To keep foods from sticking, lightly baste the hot grill with oil before adding the foods or use a spray like Pam.
  3. Fire up a charcoal grill in advance: charcoal needs time to become red hot, with a thin white ash coating. Gas grills also need preheating time, with the burners on high and the hood closed, although not as much.
  4. Cut the fat - avoid flare-ups: use a drip pan and move foods away from fiery area. Remove as much fat as possible before cooking and use lean grounds of hamburger and other meats.
  5. Practice makes perfect: Each type of grill cooks food differently, and each type of food needs different attention. If you're planning a barbecue party, start practicing a few weekends in advance to hoe down your grilling technique. Try a chicken dish one day, a beef or pork the next, and include vegetables on the grill too.
  6. Marinades add flavor and tenderizes too. Use an acid-based marinade that contains vinegar, lemon juice or other citrus juice. If you wish to use the marinating juices as a dipping sauce, be sure to cook them completely in a saucepan to avoid cross-contamination from any raw meat bacteria.
  7. Allow food to come to room temperature before grilling. But don't let it sit longer than 20-30 minutes, otherwise, you may run the risk of food contamination.
  8. Use a food thermometer to determine if your food is cooked inside. There is nothing worse than overcooked, dried out barbecue or undercooked charred on the outside-raw-on-the-inside chicken.
  9. Grilling is easiest with the proper tools and good preparation - for both cooking and safety. Make sure you have all the equipment you need and tools, before you begin any grilling.
  10. Timing is everything. Don't make grilled foods wait for the rest of the meal or the party. Once it's cooked perfectly, it's time to eat. Get your side dishes together, your table set and make sure your guests have their drinks replenished before the goodies come off the grill.
  11. Safety is always important. If using gas, learn the proper techniques for turning on the stove and igniting it. Understand the importance of safety when dealing with LP tanks. If using charcoal, never squirt additional lighter fluid on an already lit fire. Understand the importance of locating a grill in an open area, away from flammables, especially your house.
  12. Cooking time on the 5 foot charcoal b.b.q. rotisseries are 10-13 hours for a 125 lb. pig.
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